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Eye Try operates at the intersection of physical space and time-based media.

'Eye try and eye fail and eye try and eye fail better.'
freely adapted from Samuel Beckett

is an architect, born in 1979. He studied painting and architecture and graduated from the Angewandte, Vienna, Studio Prix. He has worked as project architect and design architect for Franz Sam, Vienna. He also worked for Coop Himmelb(l)au and Delugan & Meissl AA. Together with other students he designed and built the 'techo en mexico' roofscape project which got widely published and exhibited at venues across Europe and the Americas, including MAK Vienna, Aedes Berlin and Casa Barragan. He was awarded a merit prize for Experimental Tendencies in 2004, exhibited at the Venice Architecture Biennial 2006 and was selected for the MAK Los Angeles Schindler residency in 2010. Currently he works for Wolfgang Tschapeller.

is a registered architect and arts-based researcher, born in 1981. She holds a Masters Degree in Architectural Design from the Bartlett UCL London and the TU Vienna. She has worked on projects in Abu Dhabi, Johannesburg, London and Vienna, and has taken part in a TU design/built project in Johannesburg that was issued the Austrian Building Award 2006. Her work has been exhibited at the Arsenale and Italian Pavillion during the Venice Architecture Biennial 2008, her digital films have been screened on festivals across Europe and Japan. Eva has been Schütte-Lihotzky Research Fellow 2010 and Architect in Residence at the MAK in Los Angeles 2011. Eva has lectured and given workshops at the AA and RCA, London and was a senior lecturer at Innsbruck University. Currently she holds a senior scientist position at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Her PhD research aims to generate a deeper understanding of how everyday urban practices might be visually and spatially articulated involving a self-reflexive observer's constantly changing position.

eyetry architecture
Florian Schafschetzy and Eva Sommeregger
Hofmühlgasse 19/12
A-1060 Vienna, Austria